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Spiritual Life Coaching
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Souls and Spirits offers one on one, non-denominational, spirituality based Life Coaching sessions on all topics you may be having difficulty with. We work with people here in the New York City area AND all over the globe remotely by phone. Are you in need of?

*Relationship attainment, healing, and perspective
*Coping with life and its changing directions
*Uncertainties lying in your path
*Facing fears about mortality
*Unlocking our life's potential and creating an action plan
*Inspirational direction
*Facing your fears, fearlessly
*Discover who you are and what are your path is in life
*Help with your move through life changes
*Finding and expressing your joy
*Procrastination and mental blocks
*Taking action to move you forward in life in a direction you have always desired to go using your own spirtual beliefs and lessons

Your coaching will be custom mapped specifically for your needs. We will help you understand and apply philosophies and beliefs based on ideas that peace, love, and love are valuable in your life, that your thoughts and feelings are life expressing Itself through you all the time, & that you have the right to fully express and enjoy your unique spiritual identity in this world. Life coaching doesn't TREAT you medically in anyway, it inspires and motivates you when your own limited thinking may not be working in your life. Life coaching is NOT therapy, it is guided inspiration and accountability for your choices!
General coaching rates are:
(all coaching packages require a 4 week minimum commitment after the initial, complimentary 30 minute consultation. To take your coaching commitment seriously, all packages must be prepaid in full, in advance and will be properly contracted)

Starter Coaching
**4 week package: FOUR, 1 hour sessions over the phone, skype, or in person (NY area) $500.00 (including email support!)

Mid Tier Coaching
**7 week package: EIGHT, 1 hour sessions over the phone, skype, or in person (NY area) $800.00 (including email support)

Revolutionary Deluxe Coaching
**16 week package: TWENTY, 1 hour sessions over the phone, skype, or in person (NY area) $2000 (including email support)
Lady Shadowe, with 18 years of empathic psychic counseling and tarot reading experience, focuses more on the practical magic side of coaching. She coaches a select group of more spiritual clients using a combination of the law of attraction, her psychic abilities, motivational and organizational skills, the Science of Mind text, and A Course in Miracles principles to her program. She prefers to integrate and apply creative spiritual flow and Wicca basics to her clients to help apply changes to their lives. Lady Shadowe is an author, a playwright, a community leader, and a 12 year mentor/teacher of Wicca and Paganism. To inquire about spiritual life coaching with Lady Shadowe, click here.
Mary Ray offers individual and group life coaching for personal and career development. Sessions and workshops are based on mind/body/spirit principles of love and healing found in "A Course in Miracles," and can be conducted by phone, email, or through Skype. Mary Ray brings years of professional human services and ministry experience to people who are seeking to BE the change they wish for...and enjoy more happiness in life. Click here to email Mary.

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