Hello my friends, happy Lughnasadh! The summer harvest is here! It's been a wonderful, New York summer so far, nice and cool temperatures, temperate weather, and many exciting things happening! As you know, I, Lady Shadowe, was featured on coast-to-coast on Friday night, August 1st, 2014 with George Noory. It was a wonderful experience to be able to share about metaphysical Wicca and the love and light that we Wiccan's are all about. I have been inundated with fan support and fellow witches reaching out in support of the show and what we do here at Souls and Spirits. THANK YOU THANK YOU! And I am so grateful for you all and for those of you who stopped by the website to check us out AND for those that purchased some of our services! We are sure you will enjoy them! We hope that you will be a part of our community as we grow not only here at the website, but as we grow as practitioners of the craft and start to band together so that we all feel comfortable practicing what we do and being who we are out in the open. We are often so misunderstood and I talked about this on the coast-to-coast show; people who are uneducated about the craft and where paganism originated, and even how Christian ritual originated (which was through paganism) still seem to be confused about what we do and how we do it. Here are some wonderful ways to help educate our fellow Christians who are deathly intimidated by us.

First of all, the Christians and the Catholics were some of the first to borrow many of our pagan rituals. I was criticized the other night by callers on the show because I use rose petals, candles, and incense in my house to help me focus on appreciating nature and mother Earth's gifts while focusing my intent on attaining desires and blessings. But if you walk into any modern church today, you will see the exact same things in the church that you will see on my altar! Candles, incense, statues, the element of water, and of course a sacrament. Let us also not forget that focusing our intent while connecting with either our higher self or the Goddess, (meditation) is the same thing as prayer, and certianly just as effective as such, but yet this is perceived as darkness. We Wiccans have rituals so closely to how a Christian would worship that it is almost uncanny. Yet somehow it is okay as long as the worship takes place in building that cost thousands of dollars to build and staffed with a minister and employees. Meanwhile in each of those buildings, comes rules, regulations, and requirements of its congregations that go beyond being a good person and loving your neighbor. A good Christian is also taught to not judge, give the shirt off of your back if another is in need, and be there for one another always, but yet this apparently always doesn't apply to the practicing Wiccan or anyone else that doesn't belong to that religious community. For years religious pride and conflict has been the hosts for unnecesary wars and rivalry, simply over a disagreement about a different path to appreciate the SAME LOVING GOD.

It is my responsibility as a high priestess to help continue to bridge the gap whenever possible between narrow minded thinkers and the humane acceptance of all; religious FREEDOM. I hope you will all join me in this task, and remember the best way to resolve conflict and misunderstanding with skeptics, is to heal it with love. This doesn't mean our kindness is seen as weakness, it means we keep our integrity intact by living our lives and leading by a positive example, and in the light without the judgment for others even if we seem to be judged. We should be judged by our behaviors not by our beliefs.

Blessed be to all my new friends from Coast to Coast! Feel free to drop by the S and S Facebook page by clicking here and tell us what you think!

In light and love, Lady Shadowe xoxo
"Don't let the skeptics deter your love for your chosen path to God" August 2014 Blog #4
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