The spirit world is made up of many energies that are invisible to the naked eye, but certainly present. Just like we cannot see radio waves or electricity working, the effects of this science and energies are clearly present and part of our daily lives. The same applies to the spirit realm, "they" are all around us, all the time. Some good, some negative, in the same way there is positive and negative in the physical world. Certain forces can even affect our moods and our senses. Many do not believe in an after life, or in "ghosts" or spirits, however, science has proven over and over again that once energy leaves any human or living body, it merely transforms itself into another form; energy cannot die, only its flesh can. It is a fascinating idea to discover, especially when you have a direct experience with "the other side!" It is now known that over 45% of the population DOES believe in ghosts. Do you?

If you have an alleged haunting, are experiencing strange activity or occurences, have unanswered questions about a location, feel uneasy in your home or work place, or have seen, smelled, or heard something beyond normalcy, WE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! Here at Souls and Spirits, our team of investigators can help you with anything paranormal going on around you. Our Team is equipped with several kinds of eqiupment that can help determine what it is that you are experiencing using a combination of science, nature, and our experience. Camera's, video recorders, sensors, magnetic readings, infrared, and temperature are just some of the techniques and equipment we use to deduce a haunting (or not!) We can also put you in touch with other professionals that deal with all kinds of spirit activity if it is something we are not capable of analyzing. We can investigate any haunting or strange occurence within the entire states of New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and under special circumstances, we can travel almost anywhere when possible. THERE IS CURRENTLY NO MONETARY CHARGE for us to investigate a building or residence within the tri state area, though we do kindly and graciously accept donations. If we have to travel outside lower Connecticut, upper New Jersey, or upstate New York, we may ask for nominal travel expenses. Someone WILL contact you if you need paranormal assistance. Each case varies, email or call us and one of our investigators will send you a questionaire and speak with you personally before an investigation is arranged. All confidentiality will be honored (see below) and we hope we can help... there are those of us who DO believe you!

If you are interested in learning more about the paranormal and would like to become a part of our study/investigative group here in New York City, click here for more information!
A fellow researcher unknowingly
with the spirits behind her!
Our team photo of the famous "Amityville" house on Long Island, does the orb still live there??
Have a haunting?
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