Sometimes everyone needs a little extra encouragement, confidence, and connection with the univierse, and our psychics are here to help you with ...

*Relationship difficulties
*Life and its changing directions
*Uncertainties lying in your path
*Communication with someone who has passed on
*Your life potential
*Inspirational direction
*Facing your fears without fear
*Discover who you are and what are your path is
*Extra enlightened guidance you can't get from every day life

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Though psychic ability and heightened spiritual awareness is EVERYONE'S gift through cultivation, we offer unique, inspirational, and sincere guidance that can truly help answer life's questions... We offer local one on one in person or remote Spiritual Life Coaching, and Psychic Tarot Card Parties in the New York City and tri state area. (Our Tarot Card Reader comes to your event of 6-100 people) Our life coaches and psychic readers are warm, caring, and DO NOT read "fixed fates" or instill fear in any of our clients, rather we open doors and help decipher opportunities that would perhaps be missed under normal circumstances. We also integrate spiritualality and a deeper understanding of self through our Readings. Looking for a reading that will truly inspire you? None of our Psychics are out to scare you, or predict a horribly doomed future for you, although our readings are HONEST and straight forward, we are here to positively change an outcome that may not be headed in the most productive direction. We are wonderful and gifted psychics who want to open doors to your possibilities, NOT close them.
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