We are a handful of average people of all ages, gender, and educational backgrounds that simply have come together to share an interest that fascinates us: The Paranormal & the Spirit Realm. We people from all walks of life and educational backgrounds who meet regularly and discuss the topics of the paranormal and the world of the unknown. We often gather in New York City (Manhattan) for discussions and organizing of group investigations. Most of us in our group have had some form of life experience(s) regarding the psychic and paranormal subjects which have brought us to talk about and share the subject. We are a group of solid, sober, warm, caring, intelligent, open people who not only love what we do, but we enjoy helping others come to terms with understanding the spirit world and those worlds beyond. Most of us at one time or another in our lives, are curious about this subject, we take it a bit further... it is sort of, a little more than a HOBBY for us!

Our open and friendly team of experienced, compassionate paranormal researchers have completed several thorough and fascinating investigations throughout the tri state area, the north/southeast, and the world! Our field experience includes abandoned buildings, hospitals, museums, cemetaries, battlefields, and private residences, and in our investigations, we adhere to the same spiritual principles we would apply to any other situation. All it takes is an open mind with a touch of curiosity to document phenomena that is literally "out of this world." Paranormal activity can be found just about anywhere at anytime, as we are surrounded by unseen magnetic energy constantly; we are only limited by what our minds choose to see or not. Our quest to document first hand evidence of life after death plays a large part in answering life's most deepest questions, and in sharing this evidence with others, we hope will bring hope, understanding, and enlightenment. We plan to continue to post and expand the level of evidence we gather on our continued investigations on this website as we obtain it. If you have a haunting, unexplained activity, or would like to know more about what we do and/or participate with us, please click here to email us about upcoming events.
Here are just some of the locations we have formally investigated from 2004-2016, to see our gallery of spirit photos, click here!
*Edingurgh, Scotland - Undergorund Vaults
*Carrick Fergus, Ireland - Dobbins Inn Hotel
*Sleepy Hollow, NY - Sparta Cemetery
*White Plains, NY - Stony Hill Cemetery
*Troy, NY - Forest Park Cemetery
*Gettysburg, PA - Farnsworth House and Battlefields
*Stamford, CT - Children's Museum
*Seymour, CT - Carousel Gardens Restaurant
*Yonkers, NY - Mount Hope Cemetery
*St. Augustine, FL - Fort and town
*Virginia City, NV - Washoe Club, Silver Queen Hotel
*Fredericksburg, VA - Town and Battlefields
*Bristol, CT - Easton Cemetery
*Danbury, CT - Newtown Asylum
*Norwhich, CT - Norwhich State Hospital
*Salem, MA - Salem Inn B and B
*Southern CT - Boothe Homestead
*Adams, MA - Hoosac Tunnel
*Orangeburg, NY - Rockland Psyche Center
*Upstate NY - Rolling Hills Asylum
*Louisville, KY - Waverly Hills Sanitorium
*Long Island, NY - Pilgrim State Hospital
Thick mist at an abandoned hospital
An investigator conducting an EVP session
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