Based in New York City, NY here behind the Souls and website, lies an in-touch, spiritual, enlightened handful of individuals who wish to help promote the balancing of mind, body, soul, and spirit through an array of new age ideas and services. We are a combination of healers, artists, spiritual life coaches, psychics, researchers, students, and teachers all seeking to pave the way toward a higher, greater understanding of ourselves, while creating open hearts and minds which can free our souls to explore a boundless conciousness on all planes. The basic principles of life we share with our clients are based on several New Age/New Thought texts and studies which include the Course in Miracles, Science of Mind (Ernest Holmes) and the ever popular phenomena "Conversations with God" book series. Our site wishes to continue to create a community of people of all faiths whom wish to expand their thought, being, and creativity. We offer in person/phone/and web remote services... those services include:
*Psychic Tarot Card Readings by special request and appointment only (click here for information on booking a psychic reading)
*Psychic Tarot Card Parties for events 6-100 people
*Paranormal Investigations and Research (community gatherings, lectures, seminars, known as the Manahattan Paranormal Forum)
*Spiritual Life Coaching
*An open Metaphysical Wiccan Community providing gatherings, education, and an exclusive online store
*Our custom designed Tarot Deck is for sale here on our website!
*An online, do it at your own pace, E-Course on Wicca and a Certificate of Completion available with the Course!
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