Spell casting should NEVER in ANY way be associated with the conjuring of demons or using "evil spirits" for any purpose what-so-ever. The witches represented on this site have created YOUR spells out of pure love, which is of the HIGHEST, MOST POWERFUL and PURE vibration in the universe! We do not call upon nor believe in a 'Devil.' That is simply an ignorant view held by those who do NOT understand true Witchcraft and Paganism, the symbols of, or the idea of Wicca and the associated practice of magick. Magick is the simple act of mental intention put together with an action; the result of cause and effect used with the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction states that what you WILL, what you THINK about, what you DESIRE, manifests through your thoughts and actions. Everything in which you see in the physical world first began as a simple thought, a vibration. The power of intention is quite influential, and when intention is magnified through meditation, concentration, and strong intent, that's when magic happens! OUR SPELLS are written and created using powerful words, ritual, intent, and corresponding magickal itmes that you need in order for your spell to come to fruition.

Spells are really just thoughts put into a faith based manifestation, something that all of us do EVERY DAY! You could say hoping for a job, praying, visualizing a perfect flight, or even wishing on a candle on a birthday cake is the most basic of magick spells. Words with powerfully concentrated thoughts often, yes, align energy vibrations in the universe that can be manipulated for YOUR particular cause. Our spells are carefully written to help YOU tap into the energy and bend it as necessary. Just as one can pray to God for guidance or direction or for healing, or go into a meditation with POSITIVE intentions, someone could equally use a NEGATIVE mind to manipulate bad circumstances, such as wishing hurt or revenge on others. We do NOT carry out those kinds of spells for YOU or anyone. Our kits are effiicient enough simply using light, love, focus, intent, and tapping into the universal vibrations of desire. Make sure what you want and need in your life is REALLY what you are ready for before purchasing this powerful spell kit. We have the right to refuse custom spell kit requets that defy our principle beliefs. We are also not responsible for outcomes which may or may not materialize in your for you.
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Need that extra edge? These COMPLETE, "cast it yourself" SPELL KITS, created and blessed by a 10+ year practicing white witch, can help YOU achieve your desired results with easy step by step results and all the tools you need! The following spell kits are available in our online store and include the following: Instructions/incantations, relevant candles/oil/crystals/gems, amulet bag, and upon mailing your spell kit, PLUS our High Priestess will ALSO cast your desired spell for you for extra power!
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