1. We believe in a higher intelligence, a Living Spirit, which manifests Itself in and through all creation, but is not absorbed by Its creation. We believe this living spirit resides within us and that we experience this “higher self” to the degree that we become conscious of it. We identify in this world as metaphysical and spiritual beings living, learning, evolving, and experiencing life in a physical world.

  1. We see “spirituality” and religion as we personally wish to define and express it, through magical blessings, nature, wisdom, meditation, celebration, prayer, ritual, bonding, understanding, and heightened awareness, etc. In each of us lies our very own truth and divinity to be defined uniquely and individually. We acknowledge a depth of power and intelligence far greater than apparent to the average person because it is far greater than ordinary indeed, but this power is also EVERYONE'S potential to share and have, not just ours. We believe in the eternal goodness, the eternal loving kindness and the eternal giving-ness of life to all. We believe that God is personal to all who feel this Indwelling Presence.

  1. We conceive of the Creative Power in the universe as manifesting through polarity – as masculine and feminine – and that this same Creative Power lies in all people and functions through the interaction of the masculine and the feminine. We value neither above the other, knowing each to be in harmony with the other.

  1. We recognize the many layers of the outer and inner worlds, seen and unseen. Also known as the Spiritual World, the paranormal, supernatural, the miracle plane, the Collective Unconsciousness, the infinite time continuum, guardian angels, the Inner Planes etc. We neglect neither dimension for the other, seeing ALL as necessary for our fulfillment and understanding that there is more to our physical world than what we can just see, feel, touch, taste, and hear.

  1. We do not recognize any authoritarian hierarchy, but do honor those who teach, respect those who share their greater knowledge and wisdom, and acknowledge those who have courageously given of themselves in spiritual leadership.

  1. We shall freely and openly practice rites as we please, in solitary or together, to attune ourselves with the natural rhythm of life forces in order to bring our lives more harmony and happiness. These natural “life forces” can be anything of nature such as the tides, the wind, storms, the rain, the night, the day, the sun, the seasons, and/or the phases of the Moon. The universal intelligence knows no boundaries or limits as all of mother earth’s forces are equally influential and capable of bringing us magical harmony.

  1. We recognize that our intelligence gives us a unique responsibility toward our environment and other people in it. We seek to live in harmony with nature in ecological balance offering fulfillment to life and consciousness, “what we borrow, we shall return.” We seek NOT to deny or judge others or their freedom to define their ways of religious practice and belief, just as we relish in our freedom to practice belief and spirituality they way we wish to do so. We do not accept the concept of absolute evil, nor do we worship nor acknowledge any entity known as ‘Satan’ or ‘the Devil.’ We do believe there are many types of energies on all planes and not all of them are perfectly loving, many souls and energies are simply at a different level of evolution than we, some on lower vibrations, others on higher, we must respect all forms of life energy and do our best to focus on the energy vibrations we wish to access and send the lower energies love, understanding, and healing.

  1. We believe in the affirmation and fulfillment of life in a continuation of evolution and development of consciousness, giving meaning to the Universe we know and our personal role within it. We believe in the incarnation of spirit, that energy never dies, only transforms itself, and seeks to transform itself so it can know, experience, understand, express, and evolve itself. There are no ‘requirements’ for our lives other than what we wish to experience and to the degree that we wish to do so.

9. We believe that the Universal Spirit operates through the Universal Mind, unto each one of us eternally, through love and perfection, through non-judgment, through the law of attraction, and that we can connect into our true, Godly selves at anytime we choose. As we ARE extensions of God and Goddesses and our spirit-mind-self shall transcend all limits, time, matter, and space. We are surrounded by this Creative Mind which receives the direct impress of our thought and acts upon it as we wish, we believe in the healing of the sick through the Power of this Mind, we believe in the control of conditions through the Power of this Mind, we believe in our own soul, our own spirit, our own choices, and our own destiny, and the only judgment we will ever suffer is that of our own, there is no judgment by our loving ‘God Mind.’ We are already One with that mind and all of the intelligence that has created everything. SO MAY IT BE, BLESSED BE!
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