In 2008, Lady Shadowe, High Priestess, formed a Wiccan Coven with a very spiritually loving and bonded group of men and women. As we have grown and evolved over the years, we continue to come together regularly for Esbats, (the moon phases) general magickal occassions, and holidays to celebrate the Goddess within us, all in divine love and positive magick for healing, cleansing, refocusing needs and desires, and encouragement. We dance, meditate, drum, laugh, love, heal, learn, grow, spell cast, and sip to the holy heavens of her beautiful earth. Though we honor traditional Wicca, we are also a very new age group that practices what we call "Metaphysical Wicca," as we embrace and intergrate the teachings of the Law of Attraction, 'Science of Mind,' 'Conversations with God' theories, principles from 'A Course in Miracles' to traditional Wiccan ways. We are an informal and creative group and are are open to new members who would like to join us on the path and in our rituals who are local to NYC, mature, and spirutually evolved and who wish to branch out with camaraderie and group magick. To read our spiritual principles, please CLICK HERE...
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A LITTLE MORE ABOUT WHAT 'WICCA' REALLY IS... Traditional Wicca is generally viewed as a kind of natural, humane appreciation/worship of all things earthly and universal, though I’d like to use the term 'worship’ loosely here since we don't believe in 'worshipping' anything, only respecting and embracing life and all its gifts within it. Wicca isn't technically a religion per se, but more a way of life using creative spiritual expression based on peace, love, creativity, appreciation of nature, and individuality. Because there is no one particular holy book which connotates strict rules governing what you can and can‘t do, there are no required tithes, no sacrificial acts, or forced holidays in which you must dress up and put on a show for God, rather it is a religion which encourages you to independently grow and think for yourself. Wicca requires inner exploration, lot’s of thought and expression, a bit of creativity, and self assurance.

Wicca has one 'golden rule' if you will: "harm none, do what thou wilt.” For us Wiccan's who are MUCH MORE collectively conscious than you would presume us to be, we are very cognizant about reviewing all implications of our actions. We avoid at all costs behaviors of domination, manipulation, and control of others’ will, (hummm, sounds chillingly opposite of most religions today!) We Wiccan’s are as proactive and giving, and community oriented as your average congregation, we just do so in our own creative ways, governed by no higher 'manly authority,' but only by the Godess herself, whom we are extensions of. We are all about one thing: collectively raising a positive, loving, peaceful vibration both for ourselves, our beloved brothers and sisters, our earth, and everyone around us.

Wicca is in no way associated with the conjuring of demons or using "evil spirits" for any purpose what-so-ever. We do not even believe in such an entity NOR a physical place called "Hell" or even in a Devil or Satan himself. It is simply an ignorant view held by those who do not understand Paganism, the symbols of, or the idea of Wicca and the associated practice of magick. Magick is the simple act of mental intention; the result of cause and effect used with the Law of Attraction. What you WILL, what you THINK about, what you DESIRE, manifests through your thoughts and actions. Everything in which you see in the physical world first began as a simple thought, a vibration. We Wiccans only use magick that is based in pure love and light. That is the true Wiccan way. If you are interested in learning more about 'the path,' we offer a 366 day comprehensive, e-course on Wicca and the Witchcraft- CLICK HERE for more information...!!
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