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WANT TO LEARN HOW TO BE A WITCH? Curious about Witchcraft? Always felt the Wiccan "path" was for you? LEARN it in a YEAR AND A DAY, (or much less!) with our downloadable, Wiccan E-Course which provides you with 366 daily, simplified, lessons you can complete at your own pace! Learn everything from herbs and incense meanings to candle magic to personal empowerment, all in a LOVE based curriculum that will unlock and manifest a brand new life and spiritual path for YOU!! CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS!
Souls & Spirits Podcast is COMING in 2018!
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CHECK OUT OUR PAST BLOG archives covering ALL topics Wicca, supernatural, personal empowerment, and spiritual. Click here for the monthly archives!
Lady Shadowe, webmaster/founder of Souls and, author, spiritual life coach, and resident 'white witch,' was featured on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory who called her "A GREAT spokesperson for Wicca!" Click here to hear and download the show!
Psychic Reading Parties
We would love to meet you! We regularly welcome new members into our New York City community Wiccan temple, "The Divinity Coven!" Click here for more information about how to join us for circles, moon celebrations, and nights of magic manifestation!
Enjoy all things paranormal? Join our Manhattan meetings and local ghost investigations! We meet
bi monthly in
New York City
for lectures,
conversations, paranormal tours!
Lady Shadowe will be hosting a
bi weekly podcast on all things spiritual, paranormal, super
natural, and Wiccan minded, starting in 2018! Stay tuned for more info or click here to check on our progress!